Our Place


Fenoglio's BBQ is a family-0wned & operated classic Texas barbeque joint located in the historically rich town of Nocona, TX. Our restaurant packs a lot of history as it is the oldest restaurant still operating in Montague county. Fenoglio's BBQ is owned by the Fenoglio patriarch and mayor of Nocona, Robert Fenoglio. Our place didn't start out as any old restaurant. In fact in 1942, it was a service station owned by James Fenoglio, Robert's Uncle. By 1955, James had decided to sell the service station to Henry Fenoglio, Robert's father. The location then became an American Petrafina station. From there Robert had bought the place and had tried many business ventures from adding the deli and a fruit and vegetable stand to opening a mechanic shop. These ventures didn't work out and in 1974, Robert opened back up the deli and had a pawn and gun shop next door. The deli started out as just 12 feet of the current location with only 2 tables. Robert sold sandwiches, smoked barbecue and turkey. This keeping him afloat as he would sell a mere 500 turkeys every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Robert and his family has expanded the location 3 different times in order to get the restaurant you see today. The Fenoglio family is a 6 generation Italian family who takes pride in calling Montague county our home and place to hold our businesses. We do hope you come and visit to see a piece of history in our town!

We offer a variety of options in our restaurant, ranging from Robert's smoked brisket to a crispy chicken salad when you need something light. Please join us in our family-friendly atmosphere and enjoy some classic Texas barbecue!

We are open Monday-Saturday 6am-2:30pm! Located at 510 W Hwy 82, Nocona, TX 76255. CASH OR CHECK ONLY!